About Moi

Hi! I am Annie Couture Newton and have finally launched my photography website to showcase some of my work and express myself through my love for photography.

I am married to Benjamin Newton, who has been incredibly supportive through the whole process. He is an amazing cheerleader and understanding man. I feel deeply lucky that our paths crossed in life, and that we decided to spend the rest of our life together.

Together we have a precious little girl named Shiloh Grace, whom we adore. She is the joy of our life and makes us laugh every day. She seems to find a reason to grin and smile all day. She often stares at people in public places until they look at her–after which she shines the greatest smile, which inevitably makes people around her laugh. If you meet her, you understand. Needless to say she will make an appearance in this blog as she is my greatest “client.” Most of her days  (since she was born) have been documented in photography…

Going back to photography… You may be wondering about the name… Toi & Moi… and how in the world do you pronounce that?! Well, simply put, it’s French for You and Me. Toi & Moi is pronounced [twa and mwa] and if you really want to increase the number of words you know in French, you can even add the “et” which is “and,” and is pronounced like the letter [a]. It is French simply because I am French Canadian and French is my first language. I am very proud of my heritage and could not leave it out of my business. 🙂

I have been practicing the art of photography for several years now and finally acquired my first SLR three years ago. I hit the local Chicago libraries and checked out every book on the subject. I wanted to know everything there was to know… yet continue to feel an insatiable need for more knowledge. My extensive travels as well as the many willing participants have helped me grow into the photographer that I am today.

I specialize in lifestyle portraiture and special events.