Ben’s first vacation since moving to Delaware last November, so we were excited to spend time as a family!

Outer Banks, North Carolina (OBX)
1- Collages1 copy2- IMG_4951-2 copy 3- IMG_5633-3 copy 4- IMG_5640-3 copy Like father, like daughter. Shiloh could spend all day in the water!4.5- IMG_5104-2 collageI took the older two boys on an excursion to the lighthouse while baby slept and Shi stayed with Papa at the hotel.

Bodie Island Lighthouse4.6- IMG_5221-3 copy 5- IMG_5198-6 copy I asked them to stand by the sign… Can you find them below?

(Btw, 219 stairs to climb to the top)6- IMG_5209 collage On a different day, while the two younger ones slept with Ben at the hotel, I sneaked out with the older two to a nearby fishing pier in Nags Head. They had promised me they’d only dip their feet in… When I saw the pure joy in their faces, I decided to remain quiet and smile with them. After all, clothes dry. Car seats dry. Memories are made. 7- IMG_5291 collage 8- IMG_5340 collage Ben waiting for us outside the hotel.9- IMG_5369-2 collage Went to the beach everyday. It’s incredible to play in the vast ocean and walk along it at night with the kids.10- IMG_5451-2 copy10- IMG_5576-3 collage Storm was coming… but went around us!11- IMG_5459-3 collage 12- IMG_5466-4 collage Sand dunes, Jersey Ridge State Park13- IMG_5225-2 copy Duck Donuts, where you order customized donuts and watch them being made! (Below: the only way to eat donuts at the hotel is shirtless… to save me some laundry.)12.1- Collages2 Wright Memorial. Amazing place. The numbers below represent the flights the Wright Brothers made that actually took off and stayed in the air. (1: 120 feet in 12 seconds, 2: 175 feet in 12 seconds, 200 feet in 15 seconds and 852 feet in 59 seconds) We were in awe to be standing where the first flights took place!14- Collages4 copy Currituck Lighthouse, Corolla, NC15- Collages3 copy 16- Collages5 copy Virginia Beach, VA

(The kids were getting tired by that point… see picture top left of collage)
22- Collages9 copyNew Cape Henry is an active lighthouse on a military base! That was so interesting. In order to go see the lighthouse in Fort Story, we had to show identification upon entering the base and were searched. Interestingly enough, that is also where the First Landing Cross is, where the Jamestown settlers first arrived in 1607!
22.1- IMG_5995-2 collage Below is a collection of random images ranging from our departure on the road trip to our time at the beach, hotel… 23- Collages11