Ben occasionally goes to the Grand Cayman for work, and we decided to go as a family this time! My sweet little sister was able to come along, and share the experience with us. How we love her! 

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Ben was able to join us on some evenings after work!  The colors are vivid, unbelievably spectacular.

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Asa laying on the sand is so curious as he explores his new environment. I love Shi, Zac an Asa’s energy at the beach. They never tired of it. 

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I love this gorgeous girl. Pure goodness.

This picture is particularly beautiful to me as she looks so liberated, ready to take on the world. 

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September is rainy season. The forecast was supposed to be thunderstorms every day of our time there. Fortunately we only had one morning and one afternoon of pouring rain–and the kids really enjoyed it! 

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Traveling with three young children is no easy task. There is so much planning, preparing and organizing prior to the trip. Then there is the management, the entertainment, and the keeping of some routine along with all the surprises and everything that could go wrong. We were very lucky to have an extra seat for Asa–he was buckled in and fell asleep. An amazing blessing. We had beautiful weather. We were surrounded by wonderful people. It was all worth it. We loved it and will look back fondly on our visit to the Grand Cayman. 

(Can you spot the green lizard in the patch of grass to the left?)

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