In honor of my father, whom we will celebrate this coming Sunday for Father’s Day.

What is better than visiting the Colorado mountains? Visiting them with my father! He just left after spending three weeks with us. Time flew by. My father and I can spend hours driving and talking. He is fascinating. His brain goes 100 miles an hour, and I love going for a little bit of the ride. It’s been amazing to have him here. I’ve learned so much about him, our family, and me.

The kids running to him at the airport!


My dad loves the outdoors–especially the mountains! He had come to the right state for that!

Paddle boating on Evergreen Lake23So much love. Sometimes, too much love…45Fascinated with the water coming out of the ground.6Rocky Mountain National Park. Breathtaking views.7 logoGarden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

We traveled south mainly to see where Nikola Tesla had done his famous experiments. For those of you who don’t know my father, he lives and breathes Nikola Tesla. It is a challenge for him to say a few sentences without uttering his name. Our little guy Zac is named after him (Zac Isaac Tesla). It was special to be by Pikes Peak, where Tesla worked. We also visited the plaque that was placed in his honor.8He LOVES his grandchildren!9Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison, CO

…where actual dinosaurs used to live! It’s just incredible to see their footsteps. (As a side note, leave it to a 2-year old boy to displace a rock that has been quietly sitting in one spot for millions of years…–middle right picture)

10Chatauqua Park, Boulder, CO 

The Flatirons, my father’s favorite mountains for their uniqueness. He’s really into geology–and science in general. He used to sport a big mustache, and people would call him Einstein.1112Majestic Mt. Evans1314Summit Lake, on the way up Mt. Evans. The kids were thrilled to play in the snow in June.
1516We felt incredibly lucky to have him all to ourselves for three weeks. Reviens très vite Papa!17