I owe this album to Maggie and Andrea.

Andrea told me of different websites where they sell beautiful fabric, and Maggie showed me how to sew–and quilt!

Anyone that has grown up with me knows that this is a miracle. I never enjoyed it, or never thought I would. Turns out it’s another wonderful creative outlet. To see different fabrics, envisioning something and creating a final product. Wow.

It all started with Zac. He will soon be moving to a twin size bed, so I was looking for bedding. I couldn’t find anything I loved… I saw beautiful fabric, and decided, “Surely, I can do this.” I didn’t know how to sew, and it was quite the intimidating task. Maggie was up to the challenge. With patience, she showed me “how to fish” (so I started “feeding my family”).

1 I then made a quilt for Shiloh! She loves it! I now need to make a twin size quilt for our baby boy. I already know what I want to do for his, and just got the fabric for it… 

2 I then found many more beautiful fabrics… and decided to make a rag quilt for each child. I’d also love to start making simple kids’ clothes… I think I may have developed an addiction…

3Zac’s rag quilt, front and back–with scraps (above)4Shiloh’s rag quilt, front and back–with scraps (above)5Asa’s rag quilt, front and back–with scraps (above)