If rain on your wedding day brings luck, we were incredibly lucky. Ten years ago, on a day when it rained, hailed and snowed, we were married.

We embarked on an amazing journey that took us to different states and countries. 

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As famous British actress Nanette Newman once said, “A good marriage is at least 80 percent good luck in finding the right person at the right time. The rest is trust.”

I have been incredibly lucky to find Ben. He has been my greatest cheerleader.  He has encouraged me to obtain a Master’s degree, travel to Africa (three times!) and has trusted me to take the kids to Europe for a month (to shoot a wedding and visit)!

He has been my rock and has my heart. 

print-020 frame(Before digital cameras were everywhere…)
DSC07373-2 TEN YEARS frameShiloh, Zac and Asa joined us on the journey, one that is sure to continue to surprise us. I am SO EXCITED for the future and what it has in store for our family. I feel lucky to have Ben by my side for the next 65 years. (We plan to live to 100–at least)IMG_8791-2 copy