The youngest monkey would have jumped if he could have.1 2- IMG_0059-5 copy copy On Christmas day, (I know, I know, a little late…) I was spoiled by lots of smiles from baby Asa (and accidentally throwing up on my face while I was holding him up, but that’s another story)2.1- IMG_0062-3 copy collage copy 2.2- IMG_0080-3 copy copy Then, the other two monkeys ran upstairs and joined the fun.3- IMG_0095-2 collage copy 3.1- IMG_0101-2 copy collage copy They love jumping and dancing to music like Putumayo’s African Playground or La Compagnie Créole!3.2- IMG_0126-2 collage copy 4- IMG_0055-3 copy copy 5- IMG_0027-5 copy My personal favorite10- IMG_0093-3 copy copy