For Zac’s birthday, we decided to visit the fire station since the boy LOVES fire trucks and ambulances (and police cars) SO much! 1- IMG_8657 copy logo 2- IMG_8648-2 copy collage logo

Needless to say, Shiloh was just as excited to get on board since she wants to be a firewoman when she grows up.3- IMG_8652-3 copy collage logo 4- IMG_8684-3 copy logo The firemen and medics were so accommodating and wonderful to Shi and Zac. We couldn’t have asked for a better welcome, especially that we had not made an appointment.5- IMG_8670-3 copy collage logo 6- IMG_8710-3 copy logo IMG_8703-3 collage logoIMG_8721-3 copy logo Just as things were winding down with the visit, the fire station got a call, and off they went! The kids got to see the firemen jump in their truck and turn on their siren and lights! Perfect timing!IMG_8730-3 copy logo