Introducing Asa Benjamin Leo. He was born May 20th at 8:57pm, two weeks early. Asa (pronounced Ace-ah) is hebrew for healer. Both our older children have hebrew names (Shiloh: Sent from God; Zachary: The Lord remembers), and it really connected with us.

This little guy came so fast that we didn’t have time to document anything until after his birth. Twenty minutes from the emergency doors to the delivery. No anesthesia, no primary OB, Ben delivered our son, Asa.1- DSCN0166 copy His first bath.2- IMG_9557_1 collage logo 3- IMG_9566-2 copy collage logo 4- IMG_9858-2 copy logo 5- IMG_9876_1 copy logo 6- IMG_9836 collage logo 6 logo Shi and Zac came to meet their new sibling.7- IMG_2624-2 collage logoThey stayed for hours and found some entertainment in the room.8- IMG_2656-2 copy collage logo 9- IMG_9603-2-2 copy logo 10- IMG_9579 copy logo Ben was able to spend some time with Asa the next morning as our friend Cassandra watched Shi and Zac at home.11- IMG_2667-2 copy logo 11.1- IMG_9799_1 logo 12- IMG_9699-2 copy copy collage logo 13- IMG_9769 copy logo

Later that day, Ben brought Shiloh and Zachary back and they got to spend more time with Asa at the hospital before we left as a family of five!14- IMG_2753_1 collage logo15- DSCN0210 copy logo16- IMG_9973_1 collage logo

They truly look like siblings… 

Left: Shiloh, 2009; Zachary, 2011; Asa, 201319- Shi and Z at birth, and Asa logo