Hours before the ceremony, Miye and Christophe are starting to have butterflies in the stomach… starting to get the jitters–that feeling of over-excitement, yet nervousness. They want everything to go perfectly. They want to look perfect for each other. And they do.

Christophe is a fifteen-minute drive away from his bride-to-be, hanging out and getting ready with his best men.

The groom gets a gift from the bride, beautiful cufflinks.

Trying to figure out how to tie a tie…

Beautiful father-son moment

Meanwhile, at the bride’s location, by a lovely riviera…

Miye and her bridesmaids get ready for the event.

Tears and a smile. Miye opens her gift from Christophe, a gorgeous necklace. Her sister helps her put it on.

The finishing touch… a beautiful gown for the stunning bride.

The ring bearer… What more can I say.. 🙂

A proud father

To be continued… 

(Ceremony images to come soon)