What have I done?! 

For Ben’s 35th birthday, I thought I would let go of my fears and let him realize one of his dreams–that of learning how to fly. Anyone that knows me knows how much I dislike flying. Something about being thousands of feet up in the air, in a metal tube makes me uncomfortable. And don’t get me started about turbulence. I realize it’s an irrational fear–that car accidents happen far more often statistically, but I’m part of the irrational travelers. As many of us would say, I love seeing the world, but I dislike the flying part. 

Anyway, all that to say I’ve been very resistant to Ben learning how to fly a single-engine plane (let alone motorcycles–let’s not go there). Well, I thought I should let him try it–in secret hopes that he would hate it… and he LOVES it! He does. Noooo!! Luckily, it’s a very expensive hobby, so that may deter him somewhat. 

Here are some shots taken on his first lesson, a week ago.

Shiloh makes sure Zac is looking in the right direction as Ben leaves the tarmac.


It got a little chilly upon Ben’s return. Shi watches patiently as he makes a safe landing.