Baby Z was determined to arrive when it was least convenient for Maman. Anyone who knows me knows that I like a plan. The plan was not for him to arrive the weekend my OB was out of town. Z had something else in mind. In the end, it always works out–and it becomes PERFECT. Welcome Z!

I suppose this is more of a personal entry, and you are welcome to view these documentary images and/or leave comments :). (Some of the pictures were accidentally taken with our video camera–and they’re pretty cool so I decided to include some of them–they are featured with a black border.)

Ben is clearly trying his best to keep it together 🙂

I was starving… so he ate.

After several hours of hoping my doctor would come back to Cincinnati (he was out of town) in time for the birth, it was clear that he was not gonna make it…

Born on October 16th, 2011 at 5:36pm, Z weighed 6 lbs 8 oz and measured 20 inches!

Shiloh Grace meeting her baby brother for the first time! (still photos from the video camera)

After saying goodbye to Baby Z in the nursery, Papa and Shi say goodbye to Maman and go home for the night.

Baby Z’s first outfit leaving the hospital

New family of four leaving the hospital