This shoot was an emotional one for me.

Because I have a child.

Recently, I was asked to document a fundraiser for a special boy named Noah.

Noah was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcome  last year, when he was four and a half years old. The protocol to treat this cancer is 54 weeks of chemo. He also did 25 days of radiation in June/ July. The day of the fundraiser, Noah and his parents had just returned from the hospital. He had surgery for a new port that Wednesday (that is why he had tape on his neck in the photos). The port is where all the chemo enters his body — the cut on the neck is where the catheter that delivers the chemo is inserted into a major artery. After the surgery he had 48 hours of chemo straight — he finished Saturday morning at 1am, and stayed over an extra night hence returning home about an hour before the fundraiser. (the fundraiser was organized by Knights of the Inferno Motorcycle Club)

Noah has a special relationship with his family. He was quite shy during the fundraiser, but we got some great photographs of him!  



Noah’s motorcycle ride with his uncle was his personal highlight!





When I asked Mom to tell me more about Noah, she responded,

“Noah is a very active boy – who absolutely loves everything about farming. He can chew your ear off talking about tractors and machinery on the farm, crops and animals. He is very bright and inquisitive and needs to understand how everything works. He is very proud of everything he does. He was a very outgoing boy before the diagnosis. He loved going to school, playing with friends, and learning French. Since Christmas he has gone through so much and we have limited our exposure to other people (in hopes of keeping him healthy) that he is now quite shy in public – we’ll be needing some social rehabilitation when this is all over !!!

Noah is a very funny little boy – who is starting to crack jokes on his own. His favorites are ‘knock knock’ jokes. His laugh is infectious. He loves to tease but does not like to be teased. Daddy told him to eat his Rye Bread and that would help him whistle… what do you know,,, the little man can whistle now because he had his rye croutons !! Noah is now biking on his own with a two wheeled bike with training wheels. We went for our first ‘family ride’ on the bike trails in Cornwall last weekend – Noah got to ride his own bike along with us instead of being in the buggy trailing behind Mommy’s bike. He was smiling ear to ear. It was priceless.

Noah looks forward to returning to school (possibly Sep 2011). He should be entering grade 1. His little brother Marten will also get on the yellow school bus that year as he will be starting Maternelle (kindergarten). We will go from a full house to an empty house in one day!! Noah also looks forward to a family trip when his treatments are over. He would like to “go in a plane, far far away, go to the ocean, and stay in a hotel” – I think we can manage that too!!”


 What an unbelievably great family.

What a privilege it is for me to know them; to know Noah.