Natacha’s father is of Congolese and Greek heritage.

Her mother is Chinese. Her parents met in Switzerland.

Natacha met Gareth in South Africa, in his native land.

They fell in love, got married and have two beautiful little girls.

They now live in Canada. They truly are an international family.

Natacha and Gareth wanted a beautiful nature background.

Easy. Simple. Vermont.

It’s all around in this amazing state. They settled on the Winooski river by the bridge.

They loved the cascades.

Mommy and girls spending a rare moment together–with both girls on Mommy’s lap…

It didn’t take long before they stood up again and hopped from rock to rock,

and sat on the edge to look at the water under their feet…

This family is just stunning.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to photograph the girls though.

Mom and Dad’s idea of the shoot: look at the camera and smile.

The two little ones would have none of that though.

Their idea of the shoot: ignore the lens and explore.

I was up to the challenge.

I was going to explore with them–thus getting the stunning, candid shots.

Tender moment between Daddy and daughter.

The things that fathers do to please their sweet little girls…

The beauty that creates peace amidst the daily chaos: Mom.

A little princess in her tutu

Miracles do happen.

The energizer bunny is finally looking at the lens along with little sis!

This family was amazing to work with. Not an easy feat when bedtime is well overdue. ๐Ÿ™‚

Needless to say Natacha said the girls slept like babies that night…

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