Maya is turning the BIG ONE very soon, and Mom and Dad decided that it was time for her first photo shoot! And I have to agree.

This doll belongs in a photo shoot. Smiley or pouty, she’s charming and endearing. Craig and Mackenzie wanted different styles, so we went around the city since Burlington is rich in gorgeous backgrounds, and ended on a beach of Lake Champlain.

It was a spectacular background with the lake and the Adirondacks.

Maya’s first photo shoot was a success.

A year later, she walks, talks, makes funny faces, laughs out loud, gives hugs and kisses, picks up things and examines them, is developing a personality… and is adorable doing it all.

What a beautiful family!

Mackenzie, you are stunning.

You were not even trying, and there were so many fabulous poses and shots.

I had to include some of them in this display.

On to the beach!